Macy Toronjo Working on Coming Back from Back Problems

Via: Daily Bruin

Macy Toronjo, currently a redshirt Sophomore and a frequent competitor on UCLA’s floor lineup last year, hasn’t been competing so far this season, with many fans wondering where she has been.

Toronjo told UCLA Gym Source that she hasn’t been competing due to having problems with her back. Toronjo also said that so far, she is not redshirting this season and that she is “working hard to come back.”

It sounds like Toronjo hopes to be back before the end of this season and said she misses “being out there” competing.

Toronjo competed on floor during the last eight meets of the 2017 gymnastics season, with her highest score being a 9.95 against NC State.

If Toronjo does end up redshirting this season, she will still have three more eligible years to compete, which could end up making her a 6th-year Senior like Peng-Peng Lee.

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