Kyla Ross Shares What’s in Her Backpack

Former Olympian and UCLA student-athlete, Kyla Ross, shared with Team USA what she keeps in her backpack to get her through a day at school.

Here’s a list of Kyla’s essentials:

School Supplies

Notebook: I use this notebook for English class to take notes in lecture.

Lab notebook: This is for my chemistry lab class, where I document my experiments. One of my recent experiments was making aspirin!


Sunglasses and sunscreen: Because it’s always sunny in California!


Body mist: I always carry this in my bag because I love to smell good.

Toiletries bag: My Aloha toiletries bag always reminds me of my family in Hawaii.

Daily planner: I love to stay organized with my busy schedule.

Trail mix: Always have to stay fueled. Trail mix is a great snack that gives me energy to get through my day.

Water bottle: I always make sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated, especially after hard workouts.

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