Katelyn Ohashi’s Revamped Floor Routine

Katelyn Ohashi debuted her updated floor routine this Saturday at the Pac-12 Championships where the Bruins achieved a first-place finish.

UCLA Gym Source is honored to have been in the gym while Ohashi first began working on the revamped routine.

Head coach, Valorie Kondos Field, said that Katelyn wanted to do two floor routines during her senior year. “I wanted to wait until she was done with finals [to change it,]” Kondos Field said.

Ohashi’s routine isn’t completely different from what it was before, as her music still includes the famed Tina Turner song that kicks off her routine as well as music from Janet Jackson. She did, however, take out all of the Michael Jackson songs.

Kondos Field noted that fans might be wondering if Ohashi took out the Michael Jackson parts in her routine due to the documentary being released about the late singer. The fact is that Ohashi wanted an all-female routine featuring strong female musicians such as Tina Turner and Beyonce, which is the reason the Michael Jackson songs have been omitted from the updated routine.

Ohashi continues to want her floor routine to bring joy to everyone who sees it, and since the music from Michael Jackson doesn’t bring joy to everyone, she felt the need to remove it.

UCLA Gym Source obtained an exclusive clip of Ohashi reworking her routine for the first time in the gym on Tuesday. Check it out below!


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