Peng-Peng Lee Moves Back to Canada

Former UCLA gymnast, Christine Peng-Peng Lee, has moved back to Canada. Her visa expired in the United States on Monday, May 20. Lee flew back to Canada on Sunday, May 19.

Lee has recently been working as a YouTube vlogger and has also been doing a podcast with her friend and former UCLA teammate, JaNay Honest, called Ambition on Fleek. Lee and Honest have recorded a bunch of podcasts that have yet to air, so they have plenty more to post while Lee is not in Los Angeles.

Lee stated in one of their recent podcasts that she has a job lined up for the summer with her dad, so she has that to keep her busy for the time being. Her father owns a studio in Toronto so she will have no trouble finding a place to film her YouTube videos over the summer.

Lee will be back in Los Angeles in August, according to one of her former Bruin teammates. No word on if the visit will be temporary or permanent.

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